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✚ POSTED ON: Aug\14\2011
super junior

gosh, the meaning of this song is just really touching. and SJ-KRYSD sing this song with perfect emotion >___<

my eyes keep tearing. 

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my fact
xilee-deactivated20120506 asked: Tag motherfucker, you're it!

Here are the rules son:

Each motherfuck dats tagged must post 10 things about themselves . You have to choose and tag 10 people or Ima open a can of whoop ass on you. Go to their blogs and tell them you have tagged their bitch ass selves. No tag backs or Ima hafta pimp slap yo' hoe ass!

okay, because of your dream, i will give you my mystic fact :

1. i can saw a ghost.

2. not always but often.

3. i remember the first time i saw a ghost when i was 3yo, he is a big shadow, dark green with light green wide eyes, keep starring at me trough the second room window on my house which is door opened, i’m about wathcing hello kitty on TV with my parents and my nany.

4. if i can saw them, i heard and feel them.

5. i get possesed easly if i listening or singing any traditional Javanese song.

6. i have a 6yo niece who could saw a ghost too, and she often told me whereever she saw a ghost on my house, her house, our grandpa house or any our family house, and she even talked with the ghost.

7. if you think i’m brave, no i’m not. i still fear if they appearing in front of my eyes.

8. my biggest wish is to have some chat with any ghost who friendly (?) and asking them too much question that i was really curious about.

9. where ever i live, (in my own room on my house, or my room or my dorm, or my room on my apartement, i used to get the most dark room ever.) the lamp is kinda only 5watt even if i try to change it with new 30watt, it never works.

10. i hope you’re not scary with me. bcause i belive there is another world in this world. ^^

6 POSTED ON: Jul\19\2011
anybody have a same life like mine?
and now become fangirl

PAST : anime, manga, action figure, japan stuff, japan culture, manga scan, original soundtrack, jpop, jrock, yuri, yaoi, hentai.

PRESENT : kpop, kdrama, kmovie, fandom, fangirl, sexual frustrated, jib, comeback, yadong, otp, ot3, ot4, bias, ultimate bias.

6 POSTED ON: Jul\17\2011
super junior
lee jonghyun
can i married on the stage?

my first love is guitarist, my highschool crush is guitarist and theater actor, my first boyfriend is guitarist, the second is guitarist too, my last ex is also guitarist and theater actor.

my ultimate bias, Sungmin is guitarist and theater actor too.

my other bias Lee Jonghyun and Jungmo is also gutarist too.

Maybe it’s all because i also guitarist and theater actress ? so i only have interest with people who has same common interest things like mine :P

1 POSTED ON: Jul\17\2011
2 POSTED ON: Jul\15\2011
super junior
lee joon

My friends said that i have a super same personality like KYUHYUN, even my brother said like that too (he is 3rd Feb and i am 2nd Feb).

That’s why i love Kyuhyun’s personallity. My bias is also include Sooyoung and Lee Joon who has Aquarius as their zodiac too, but they are is really the other side of me, they are “cheer Aquarius” (ah.. Lee Joon is “over attractive Aquarius”) hahaha. ^___^

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I have wife and husband in the same time. And called as unnie and hyung in the same time too… So.. Which gender am i ?

Physically, i am girl. Not pretty or cute, but i’m sure that i am girl (that’s why i really sexually frustrated with Ming). But i am unfeminine. I don’t like pretty stuff while other girl like it, i don’t like wearing skirt, high heels, make up, and i really hate pink. (I don’t care if Ming is pink holic meanwhile i am pink hater). I love hiking, walk climbing, foot ball and those stuff that makes girl become sweaty and messy.

So, mentally i have possibility to become a man. 

Then i have tumblr wife who really super pretty beautiful and care about me (kyutemin) , then i have two twins daughter who really cute and squishy (kim-jongwoon and kyugamers).

But i have husband too (widyash) , because she (?) is kyuhyun and i am sungmin, that’s why we are become kyumin shipper together.

Then i have so many dongsaeng because of my old age (okay, i know someone here is more old than me, hahhaha, you (rei ‘unnie’) and you (mj ‘unnie’) my two dear, so stop talking about how old i am ^^) .

I used to be called as “UNNIE” for all people here.

But, im not only called as UNNIE.

I have namja dongsaeng who called me as “HYUNG” too. Yes i am his hyung (stowkerboy).

So…. which gender am i ?

5 POSTED ON: Jun\21\2011
super junior

Yeah, my first bias in Super Junior is KIM RYEOWOOK, i suddenly catch his figure when first time i saw Super Junior M - Super Girl MV on 2009. I don’t know why but he is so eye-catching for me while a lot of my friends give their attention to tall boys like Kyuhyun-Zhoumi-Siwon on that MV.

My second love at the first sight is for KIM YONGWOON (Kangin) when i saw Super Junior H - Cooking Cooking MV, i really admire him, how could this man become manly, arrogant, temperament, cute and handsome at the same time? I like him especially his eye smile, he has happiest smile ever.

Then… how could i become LEE SUNGMIN’s ultimate fan now? If he is not my first and second first bias?

How can i fallin love with him?

To be continue on next facts……….. ^_____^

6 POSTED ON: Jun\12\2011

I just have one sibling. A younger brother. He is on the average age of you all guys. Yup. He is 1996 liner. ^____^

If you called me Dee, then you can called him Dan.

When other people used to say that "my siblings is my enemy", NOT FOR ME.

My siblings is my bestfriend, my boyfriend, my soulmate, my everything, and he is my number one fan in the world. (Yeah, he loves his sister too much, he will following everything what i’m doing and proudly said it to his friends "this is my sister’s…." | "i do it like my sister…." | "my sister said that…." | "she is my sister…." | "my sister is….." | etc, etc, etc ^____^ ).

You can’t find another intimate relationship between brother and sister who 4 years old separately like us. Until now, if i was home, we sleep together while hugging tightly each other. (and i seems don’t care if now he was 16 and have a girlfriend).

this is me and him (low quality selca) :

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