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6 POSTED ON: Jun\12\2011

I just have one sibling. A younger brother. He is on the average age of you all guys. Yup. He is 1996 liner. ^____^

If you called me Dee, then you can called him Dan.

When other people used to say that "my siblings is my enemy", NOT FOR ME.

My siblings is my bestfriend, my boyfriend, my soulmate, my everything, and he is my number one fan in the world. (Yeah, he loves his sister too much, he will following everything what i’m doing and proudly said it to his friends "this is my sister’s…." | "i do it like my sister…." | "my sister said that…." | "she is my sister…." | "my sister is….." | etc, etc, etc ^____^ ).

You can’t find another intimate relationship between brother and sister who 4 years old separately like us. Until now, if i was home, we sleep together while hugging tightly each other. (and i seems don’t care if now he was 16 and have a girlfriend).

this is me and him (low quality selca) :

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13 POSTED ON: May\23\2011

okay, finally i post my selca tonight. this is for my tumblr family’s members, my dongsaeng urblacksmile Honey, five people - two anons who curious who is someone behind the sungmin’s theme park story and everybody who always spazzing my ask box and asked me to post my selca.

^___^ please don’t unfollow me just because my ugly face. 

this is me four month ago :

(it’s me half awake, that’s why my hair so curly here. my original hair is straight).

this is me now ^___^ :

(sorry, my eyes is big and all my friends told me that my gaze is scary, if people judge me only by my eyes/my gaze/my smirk/ they would think that i’m not friendly person, but to my friends who already know me, they knows how crazy i am. HUAHAHA ^___^ ).

PS : I LOVE YOU ALL, just go to my ask box if you want to complain about your nightmare after you saw my selca. ^___^