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omg the last part
110822 Heechul Connecting with Heechul on shimshimtapa part 2
  • This is a Q&A Section continued from the last part
  • Listener:Which girl groups would you bring for autographs?
  • Heechul:Actually by me I have Jia and Sulli. I don't know. I wanted them to visit me and write letters, but that can't do, I'll get told off.
  • Shindong:Why?
  • Heechul:I'm coming out in 4 weeks. I'm doing public service after. Whatever, I'm going to be told off. There are so many things I can be told off for.
  • Shindong&Gyuri:Why does being told off always get mentioned when talking about the army.
  • Heechul:As artists, our lives only consist of being told off.
  • Listener:Heechul oppa, do you think your popularity will still remain the same?
  • Heechul:I don't think so, that's why I said this morning in the interview, I need to know that when I come back I'll have to start over again, so I can't deactivate my twitter and leave. I still need to think about that though.
  • Heechul:It's been made public, although many people are still in shock it's not like i'm not being a celebrity anymore, i'll just see you in 2 years. I'll be more mature when I come back. Thank you everybody. I cut my hair. But it's not the military hairstyle. I don't have much time till I leave. I took the suggestions from people on twitter. I wasn't going to do this but I did it this time, someone wanted me to cut it shorter, so I listened. My hair is really cute, really adorable.
  • Shindong:This is Kim Heechul, before we connected we were still worried that it would be depressing talking about enlisting, but Kim Heechul is very optimistic.
  • Heechul:Thank you, Shindong who did double eyelid surgery.
  • from Psycho蝉儿 @ weibo
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